Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EA Active...is EA Amazing

Today, it snowed. Not to the point that school were closed or anything, but to the point that my desire to leave the house, scrape the car, shovel the driveway, and wear extra layers just to go to the gym was not high on my list. But, I needed to workout.

For Christmas, Eric bought me EA Active II for the Wii. Before the gasps, don't worry, this was after I had opened the Tall Grass Spa gift certificate...and I had indeed asked for the game. We recently reinstalled the Wii in our basement, and hooked up the EA Active today.

I must admit, I was a little skeptical. A game was going to provide a great workout? I mean Wii Fit is super fun, but it does not exactly blast the gut. So, after scouring the game's excellent reviews, I thought to myself..."Why not?"

I spent my evening running, shooting hoops, lifting weights, mountain biking, jumping rope, and planking all in the comfort of my warm home. With a heart rate monitor and sensors on both the leg and the arm, the game is truly interactive...and really does work you right out. As my thighs screamed during the last bend of my mountain biking route (a series of deep squats, squat jumps, and jogging all timed to a mountain biking scenario), I was utterly convinced that this was hitting the spot AND I was having a blast.

I was able to set goals, weigh in, choose specialized workouts geared towards the sport or activity of  my choice (Soccer player? They have a soccer workout. Baller? Got that too.) or just a general full body workout...it really was great! The game diversified activities, so I was never bored and had the perfect blend of cardio and weights. With the ability to vary the level of intensity, I could choose a workout that would not be too easy, and yet would not kill me. 

My only complaints: The time for the activities to load was a little lengthy, the Wii Balance Board kept turning off and halting the workout-don't use it, and you don't need the resistance band for almost all the activities that say its required-I used free weights.

In conclusion, today, workout completed, via Wii, and I liked it- so did my thighs. They will be sore tomorrow.

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