Monday, February 7, 2011

The plan...

Here. We. Go.

The following details my plan of action, for the next 3 months, so far as I can plan it. Planning is not my strong suit, so I reserve the right to amend any of the following statements, especially the one about sweets.

What? Weight/Inches Loss

I need to lose 25-30 pounds and here is why. I would like to have another baby, and God-willing, that will occur. But, I see the remnants of Calan everyday, and I recognize that these remnants have the potential to only get worse with baby numero dos. Now, to be fair, I wasn't necessarily in tip-top shape pre-Cal, I own that...but, you've either got to use it or lose it, baby, and I choose lose.

I weighed in today...and if you think I am going to publicize the number I saw on that scale, you would be straight crazy. But I know what it is, and we will call it zero. Thus, every Monday I will be posting my weight loss or gain [gasp] in relation to zero (ie: if I lose 5 stat will be -5, yeah?)

Now, this whole thing is actually not about pounds, but moreso about fitness... and... jeans. I know that the pounds don't matter, as long as you feel good in the jeans. So, that will be my ultimate goal...easily sport the jeans in which I would like to see my booty, and get out of the cottage cheese that seems to have followed me out of my pregnancy. That said, pounds are an easy way to measure it, so that will be my marker, but it's ultimately about the denim. I suppose pounds AND inches, yeah, I will measure those too, someday, when I get the courage. 

How? Exercise and Diet


I am currently working on a Couch to 10K running program that was recommended to me....and have really been loving it!

As I ran into some issues when I just started to run like a marathoner..those issues being hurt knees and splints...I decided to slow it down. I will explain all this in a later post, but the gist, don't go run 2-3 miles without having run in years and expect your body to love you for it. (I know, I know, my comparison to marathoner was a bit're welcome)

The running plan is only about 3 times a week and I plan to work out 5-6 times weekly, thus I will be supplementing with alternative cardio, weights, Wii (Active), and some other fun stuff. Stay tuned...


I love food. I own it...I love it. I look forward to what is for dinner, starting right after breakfast...yep, food is good. And I am certainly good to it. Yet, I am starting to realize that "tastes good", and "good to me" are two entirely separate things.

I am a big fan of eating healthy..and our house overflows with health food. Problem is, I am a sucker for a quick-fix, and drive throughs are the best quick-fix I know. Hence, in order to stamp out temptation, I will be doing a combination of the South Beach Diet phase 1 and 2 for the first few weeks, and then move into phase 3.

I love the SBD, as if affords so many tasty food options, and they are meals that we would be cooking anyway. It also affords very few, if any, carbs....the diet's sure downfall. But I find it is always good to break old habits, especially when they involve cookies (in moderation). So, no sweets, at least for a bit. God help us all...this from the girl who, if Stiegg Larsson were to write a novel about, would have her book entitled The Girl Who Fell Asleep with Candy in Her Bed.

Oh, and there will be very little eating out (Chipotle rice, rice/tabouleh, salads, etc). This is going to be rough...

So...there you have it, the plan, insomuch as I have it constructed.

As for today:

Weight~ A cool and steady.... 0

Workout~ Week 2, Couch to 10K, Day 1

  • Breakfast: Eggwhites with shredded low-fat cheese and salsa...mmmmm!
  • Lunch: Turkey burger with cheddar
  • Dinner: Garbanzo...grilled chicken, cucumber salad, and hummus
  • Snacks: Celery and peanut butter, shredded low-fat Parmesan cheese
So far, so good....

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